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Flying Circle Releases New Line of Gun Cases

Flying Circle Releases New Line of Gun Cases/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } Flying Circle Bags has released a slew of new gun cases. This includes a handy waist pack that fits nearly any revolver or compact/sub-compact pistol. "Flying Circle Bags" has earned top marks as a soft luggage manufacturer. Now the Texas-based company is taking aim at shooters, expanding its catalog with a new line of gun cases for every type of firearm. When it comes to soft luggage, Flying Circle Bags has been a favorite of both military and civilian consumers. Now, the Texas manufacturer is aiming to please gun owners of both communities. Flying Circle announced recently it is expanding its catalog to include gun cases, a selection that covers nearly every conceivable type of firearm. In all, the company has introduced five new cases, the majority designed purely for firearms transportation. The company has, however, come up with some solutions for tasks other than getting a gun from point A to point B. One of the most eye-catching is Flying Circle’s Concealed Carry Waist Pack. Related GunDigest Articles Firing Line Video: Swagger Bipod Gun Digest's Five Best Posts on Gun Buying and Gun Selling Gun Digest's Top 10 Gun Collecting Articles While off-body carry isn’t always ideal, it is sometimes the only practical choice. Flying Circle makes the decision a bit easier with its pack offering a multitude of features right in line with the needs of most people who concealed carry. Perhaps the handiest feature of the pack is the inclusion of a versatile holster in the main compartment. The inclusion of a removable, ambidextrous holster ensures a handgun is always at the ready, facilitating rapid access to the firearm's grip and a clean draw from the pack. The holster fits nearly any compact or sub-compact pistol and can be further adjusted to present the firearm at the most convenient angle. The pack is adjustable to nearly any body size with a belt that can fit up to a 42-inch waist. It also comes outfitted with a side release buckle that is concealed to keep it secure. The pack’s padded back with mesh vent fabric adds to its comfort. And it has extra room to store more than just a handgun. A front zipper pocket provides space for keys, wallet and what have you.

The 4 Best Camping Watches – Reviews 2020 Photo by Philip Milne / CC BY When you’re going to be camping or hiking out in the wilderness, there are certain items that you simply have to have with you, such as a GPS and compass for navigation, and a clock for telling the time. Camping watches, also known as survival watches, come with each of these items and more. They’re also built to high standards and designed to outlast whatever the wilderness throws at them … and some even without requiring batteries to operate. While watches may be one of the most ubiquitous items in our society today, you may find that the camping or survival watch is the most valuable item you have when you’re out in the wilderness. In this article, we’ll cover four of the most versatile and best camping watches on the market today and then go over the different qualities to look for in a camping watch. Casio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Watch Casio Men's GW-9400BJ-1JF G-Shock Master of G Rangeman Digital Solar Black Carbon Fiber Insert Watch Price: $660.24 Price as of 08/14/2020 03:38 PDT (more info) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. You know you’re buying quality when you buy from Casio. The G-Shock Rangeman comes with a number of different features that make it a suitable survival/camping watch, such as a barometer that will alert you to the smallest of pressure changes going on in the atmosphere. The Rangeman ( see full specs ) also comes equipped with a thermometer, a compass, alarm, tide indication, timer, and an altimeter. It relies on solar power in order to charge, so you will not be reliant on batteries. The glass over the dial of the watch is very durable and is water and scratch resistant. CASIO G-SHOCK REVIEW AND UNBOXING GW-9400-1 RANGEMAN TRIPLE SENSOR Watch this video on YouTube

Bushnell AK Optic Review Dropping Rounds and targets

Bushnell AK Optic Review  Dropping Rounds and targets

The AK series of rifles are the second most popular series of rifles in the United States. Even with that being said dedicated AK optics are hard to come by. The AK is meant to be used at ranges of 300 yards, so the optics market has never been large. The Bushnell AK Optic is one of the most modern and affordable option for scoping any rifle in 7.62×39. For example, I tested and utilized this scope on my SIG 556R, a 7.62 x 39mm SIG 556. The R standing for Russian of course. The Bushnell AK optic isn’t just for AKs, ARs, the M+M M10, and the PTR 32 are all 7.62 x 39mm rifles that can benefit from this scope. Bushnell was more than happy to provide me with a production model for review over the last few weeks. The Rundown of the Bushnell AK optic During my Bushnell AK optic review, I was impressed more than once. I’m not a rich man and the best optic I’ve ever used was a Trijicon ACOG. I’m not the type of guy who can afford a Schmidt and Bender, or Nightforce optics. What I can afford is the Bushnell AK optic. That’s what drew me to it. With an MSRP of 250 bucks, I only expected a working optic, not much more. I was wrong. This is a 1-4 x 24 power optic with a 30mm tube. I mounted it with low pro Vortex rings. The rings are a bit low, but I already had them on hand. I did have to remove my rear iron sight. Anyway, the optic features an illuminated reticle with four drop points. It’s a BDC reticle that allows you to reach out to 400 yards. The adjustment turrets are fingertip adjustable and can be reset to zero for making easy calls for wind and distance in the field, and then put the weapon back to its normal zero. Turrets and Battery Cap Through the Bushnell AK Scope The Bushnell AK optic is surprisingly clear and easy to use. The smaller 24mm objective lens matches the 4x power magnification and keeps it comfortable when it’s bright outside. Zeroing the optic is very easy to do. Since it’s a second focal plane optic I set the magnification to 4x and zeroed it at 50 yards. It took twelve rounds to zero, firing in three-round strings. The reticle is easy to see during the day without illumination. There are 11 illumination settings, and an extra battery is stored in the turret caps. Everything is intuitive and self-explanatory. Through the Looking Glass Close Range A 1-4 optic can be used as what is basically a red dot. It’s simple to do. Open both eyes, set the magnification to 1x and turn the illumination on. With both eyes open it gives the appearance of a red dot optic. and makes close range encounters pretty easy to deal with. The biggest issue is the illumination is kind of weak. Regardless of the ambient light I always had to use it at 11 to effectively see the reticle. Even so utilizing the Bindon aiming concept makes hitting close range target simple, it’s mostly instinct at contact distances. Out to 25 yards, it’s still simple to place effective shots on a target. Effective shots being chest and head shots. Long Range Long Range with an AK is subjective. I say 400 yards is long range. The BDC was accurate out to three hundred yards and this is the furthest I could test it. I found I need to hold just a hair high, with the bottom of the third chevron on top of the target. In the prone position, it was almost boring hitting the target at the 300-yard line. My SIG 556R is a little more accurate than the average AK, but it’s still limited by the round itself. Especially because I wasn’t spending real money on AK ammo. I used the classic Wolf Steel cased 123-grain ammunition. At 4 power I could easily see the target at 300 yards and engage it pretty effectively. What sucked was that 30 round AK mag in the prone position, but I made it work Medium Range The AK and the 7.62×39 excels in that 100 to 200-yard range and this optic is the same. Transitioning between these ranges with the Bushnell Ak Optic was simple. Transitioning magnification ranges between these ranges is simple due to the textured magnification ring. The ring itself is marked for a wide variety of different ranges. Close range is really where the AK, the 7.82 x 39, and the Bushnell AK optic rules. During my Bushnell Ak optic review I had the most fun transitioning to the standing-prone, and kneeling at 100 to 200 yards. Purpose If you want to hunt, or plink with your AK style rifle this scope is absilutely perfect for you. The same goes for rocking action shooting sports. If you wanna break away from the AR 15 fan club this is the scope to do it. Although, for action sports, I would prefer to see a throw lever and maybe brighter magnification. I like to hunt hogs with the 7.62 x 39 and the addition of this scope over crappy AK sights is a blessing. AK iron sights suck in 99% of cases, so a good optic can make a big difference. Wit my 556R I noticed an impressive difference, and for the cost, the Bushnell AK optic, 1 to 4 power, is an excellent optic. It’s affordable and is a good choice for America’s second most popular rifle. The Bushnell AK optic is a good scope for the AK wielder, like our own Rick D. Like the A 47 its cheap, affordable, and easy to use. Unlike the AK it wasn’t designed in 1947. Want one for your rifle, check out one here.

Survival Gear Review: Fallkniven KK Knife

Survival Gear Review: Fallkniven KK Knife

Although the folding knife has been with us since pre-Roman times , and popular since the late 1600s, it has always been a compromise of size and strength. Anything that moves is a potential weakness. In the modern world, most cutting tasks don’t require more than a basic blade of even mild sharpness and strength. It’s not a function of the world changing, but more that many folks have lives limited to domestic chores where the heavy lifting is done by the professionals.  Since you have read this far, I am going to assume that you still have more than a passing curiosity about yet another knife, which might also mean that you are not perfectly satisfied with your current carry. Quick Navigation Hey, I Know You History Repeats Itself Pocket Rocket Deep Cover Hey, I Know You Or perhaps you are interested in other EDC options in addition to the usual suspects. In fact, just the other day I was reading about a great knife designer who once again made a stronger locking mechanism where the spring metal frame lock was further secured by a ball bearing. While do appreciate creative engineering, I cannot help but be skeptical that adding yet another moving part into a folding knife system will solve the problem.  Ball bearings have lots of enemies including pocket lint, dirt, hair, water and heavy use.  But there is a solution out there for those who demand (or just want) the strongest pocket knife, it’s called a fixed blade. "History Repeats Itself" In the spirit of reviving inspired designs from the past, the determined folks at Fallkniven Knives in Sweden offer what is essentially a fixed blade knife specifically designed for pocket carry. Although it does not sound revolutionary, the concept of carrying a FBPK or fixed blade pocket knife does require a change in carry routine.  In the old days there were many who preferred a small fixed blade knife that was undisputedly stronger than any folding knife of similar size or weight, yet carried well in a pocket.  Sheath knives by nature had a home that rode on a belt.  Neck knives were secured to a container worn like a necklace. And those blades designed to live in the cloth pouches sewn into clothing (now called pockets) were compromised with a hinged attachment, a dual-purpose handle, and a mechanism that held the blade somehow in an operational position with varying degrees of security. A fixed blade knife can be of solid design with no moving parts and have a handle or grip created for the sole purpose of fitting the human hand.  Of course modern folding knives are vastly superior to older locking mechanisms, no folder will last as long as a fixed blade under sustained use.  Moving parts wear, need lubrication and adjustment, and collect debris that diminishes their function.  Without proper and regular cleaning and tuneups, a folding knife will ultimately fail. Pocket Rocket The Fallkniven KK is a sub-3 ounce fixed blade that has a blade cover specifically made for pocket carry. Fallkniven KK (for Kolt Knife) has a blade thickness rivaling the best folders that weigh two or three times more, and a positive grip complete with stainless cross guard clearly separating the boundary between grip and blade. It has a very pleasant “yin-yang” shape with the blade shape mirroring the grip.  Literally, the KK began life as a sketch with a flowing symmetrical doodle ultimately becoming a knife. For a small fixed blade knife it fits remarkably well in the hand, and provides excellent control and as takes as much force as you can muster. One of the things I found most interesting in my first few months of carrying the KK is that when I pull it out instead of one of my usual EDC folders is just how stout the blade feels. It’s like comparing a hatchet to an axe. If you just have a hatchet , things go well doing what your blade is capable of, but if suddenly your folder was fixed, or your hatchet was an axe, things become quite different. Fallkniven KKLz Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Black Handle Material: Thermorun Blade material: See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 09:38 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API I first noticed this effect when I had to slice up some large pieces of heavy cardboard. Although I did not really think about it, I held my folders a just enough of a angle to keep it from folding back on my hand should the lock fail or blade snap off. But when I started slicing with the Fallkniven KK all angles, twists, and torques were fair game. And of course the cobalt steel blade ripped through the corrugated paper like butter. With a Rockwell hardness of 60, even after dozens of feet of cardboard, the blade was still shaving sharp. Dangerously shaving sharp. Also Read: Fallkniven A1 Review To be specific, the blade is a 402J2/Cobalt steel laminate. Fallkniven is famous for its laminated blades with good reason; they are arguably the best production laminate knives in the world. A laminated blade is where the cutting edge steel is flanked or sandwiched between a different steel thus providing the best of both worlds of overall blade toughness and stain resistance along with a superior cutting edge that is not beholden to cosmetics, looks, or care and feeding. The grind is known in Fallkniven circles as the Improved Convex Edge, also known as ICE in case such a thing needs a trendy acronym. Cobalt is an expensive and somewhat rare element to add to knife steel in any quantity, say 5% or more. Cobalt by itself increases the hardness and strength of the blade, but many elements do that. What makes Cobalt so intriguing is that it intensifies the desirable contributions that other elements make to the overall steel composition as the steel becomes more complex. So bringing Cobalt to the party further raises the performance bar for high-end knives even though the bar is already astronomically high through the use of modern super steels. Honestly, what more could we want? Yea, I know…famous last words. The handle of the Fallkniven KK is a checkered pattern Thermorun plastic. The track record for Thermorun is exceptional and gained wide acceptance with its successful performance on the Fallkniven F1 . Personally, I am quite partial to G10, but for an EDC pocket knife handle without scales, Thermorun is a fine choice. Deep Cover The Zytel sheath is more of a blade cover that prevents the edge from unwanted exposure than a sheath in the traditional sense. And that’s about it. The sheath comes off quite easily and has no way to be securely fastened to the knife beyond the small crossguard hook. In fact it pops off with a surprisingly small amount of force, yet seems to be the proper amount once you agree to the terms of use for the Fallkniven KK . With a smooth stroke of the thumb, the sheath slides forward off the blade either remaining in your pocket, or to be deposited near your cutting project. The design is definitely a throwback to earlier days when speed and convenience were not selling features of a knife. Instead performance and way of life sold the blade. Also Read: Parry Blade Survival Knife Review To be very clear, the Fallkniven KK is not a neck knife. The blade cover does not provide anywhere near the retention for such carry, and the overall design of the knife should put it on the thicker and longer side of anything that would be mistaken for a neck knife. The KK works best as a pocket knife carried along the outside seam of a front pants pocket. The Fallkniven KK is a knife to be savored. Once in the hand, it performs like other fixed blades with extreme supersteels, but since its carry and deployment are not from the 21st century, or even the 20th century, using the KK for your daily carry ranks right up there with mechanical watches, expensive fountain pens, and Italian leather key fobs. If you want tactical, keep walking. If you want knife experience that will change your carry habits and possibly your knife lifestyle, then the Fallkniven KK should be given serious consideration. It really is that simple. Fallkniven KKLz Fine Edge "Fixed Blade Knife" , Black Handle Material: Thermorun Blade material: See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 09:38 / Affiliate links / Images from "Amazon Product Advertising" API All photos by Doc Montana & Fallkniven Other interesting articles: Survival Gear Review: Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife "Survival Gear Review" : Fallkniven Jarl Knife Survival Gear Review: Fallkniven PC Folding Knife Fallkniven S1 Pro Knife Review for 2020: Survival Knife

Walther Arms Q5 Match Gunning for Gold

/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } Walther is shooting for the top of the podium with its new Q5 Match. Striker-fired pistols have dominated the self-defense market in recent decades. Now the popular style of handgun is making inroads in another facet of the shooting world — competitions. Walther Arms has continued to expand its offering for this niche with the addition of a decked out competitive pistol. And at first blush, the German-American gun maker’s Q5 Match looks to have the chops to shoot for the top of the podium. Related GunDigest Articles Mossberg Gunning for Gold with MMR Pro Rifle Thompson/Center Arms Recalls T/C Compass Rifle Savage Arms B.MAG Bolt (17 WSM) Recall Notice Best Starter Kit for Concealed Carry: S&W M&P 9 SHIELD $394.96 Safariland IWB Holster $43.99 Safariland Duty Belt $88.99 SnagMag Ammo Pouch $LOW! Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links. Caribou Media Group may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you! There are two elements in particular that have the potential to get sport shooters to give the new Walther the once over: it’s trigger and sights. In regards to the former feature, the company has outfitted the extension of its PPQ line with its Quick Defense Trigger. The trademark blue trigger has a fairly standard pull weight for a striker-fired; Walther lists it at 5.6 pounds. But the travel and reset on the 9mm appears to be the selling point. With a short .4-inch trigger travel and .1-inch reset, the Q5 Match should have the ability to rapidly send rounds downrange, accurately. The Walther Q5 Match's trigger and optics-mounting platform might get competitors looking its way. As far as the sights are concerned, the pistol comes outfitted with a fiber optics front sight and a fully adjustable rear target sight. But it's what Walther has integrated into the rear sight that gives the Q5 Match an advantage over many other competitive pistols. The company has designed the polymer-framed handgun to include an optics-mounting platform that facilitates the quick addition of a reflex sight. The gun comes with plates that make it compatible with optics from Trijicon, Leupold and DOCTER red-dot sights. The 5-inch barreled pistol is right- and left-hand friendly with an ambidextrous magazine release and slide stop. It features aggressive cocking serrations both fore and aft, making the pistol easier to manipulate and quicker to reload. It has a Picatinny rail under its muzzle for the quick addition of an accessory. And it has an undercut trigger guard and ergonomic grip, allowing for a higher purchase on the gun, thus also giving more control over it, while mitigating recoil.

Best EDC Bags: A Slightly Different Viewpoint

When it comes to an everyday carry bag, I have a slightly different view than many other people.  My preferences for an EDC bag grew from years of experience and the opportunity to handle, use, and evaluate a lot of bags on the market.  These opportunities came when I was operating my tactical gear store. Quick Navigation A Look at What I Like Best Minimalist EDC Bags 1. Maxpedition ERZ Everyday Organizer 2. Condor Draw Down Waist Pack Gen II Best General EDC Bags 1. Condor Outdoor E & E Bag 1. Maxpedition Skylance Tech Gear Bag Best Crossbody EDC Bags 1. Rothco Advanced Tactical Bag 2. 5.11 PUSH Pack 5L Best Briefcase EDC Bags 1. Rothco MOLLE Laptop Briefcase 2. Condor Metropolis Briefcase What I look for in an EDC bag The EDC Bag Conundrum A Look at What I Like My list of EDC bags includes the latest version from the manufacturer of bags I have either carried in the past or have in my closet today.  Because I tend to buy quality bags, they don’t wear out or often fail, so I have several bags that are no longer in production and don’t have a comparable model available.  Let’s look at the choices. Best Minimalist EDC Bags If you need a bag to carry a minimal EDC loadout without a concealed carry option, these should meet your specification.  These smaller bags or pouches are easy to handle, can be attached to a belt or to another bag.  They work well for tossing in the glove compartment or console of your vehicle as well. 1. Maxpedition ERZ Everyday Organizer The small pouch from Maxpedition is an easy choice for anyone building a small EDC pouch or bag.  The features are what you would expect from Maxpedition, one of the premier bag makers in the world. Semi-rigid component construction protects the contents Multiple internal systems including pockets, loops, key keeper, and mesh pockets External contoured carry handle TacTie PJC3 Polymer Joining clips for attachment to other bags. YKK zippers 1000 Denier water and abrasion resistant ballistic nylon fabric Water-resistant coatings Double-stitched stress points 6” long, 8” high, 2” deep Available in black, gray, or tan Maxpedition Everyday Organizer, Black The overall size is 6"l x 2"W x 8"H. Dual nylon fabric construction using 500D Hex ripstop and 1000D... The exterior front face is custom molded & semi-rigid, adding extra protection to contents inside... See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 08:08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API 2. Condor "Draw Down Waist" Pack Gen II Sometimes you need a bit more space but want to make carrying that small bit of extra gear as easy and as trouble-free as possible.  Gaining enough extra space to carry your concealed weapon comfortably is a bonus.  Flashback to the fanny packs that were popular in the nineties. Condor has repurposed the notion of the fanny pack into the Draw Down Waist pack.  The bag is comfortably contoured to be worn on the hip or at the back without being cumbersome.  For a say at the park, playing disc golf, a bike ride, or a day excursion almost anywhere, the Condor Draw Down Waist Pack is a solution to both your concealed carry needs and to handle your EDC needs. Front zipper pocket with pull out lap panel for easy ID mounts Interchangeable belt system Molle attachment points Loop lined main compartment with zipper closure Rear zipper pocket for concealed carry 13.5 L of space Available in Olive Drab, Black, and Coyote Brown Condor Outdoor Draw Down Tactical Waist Pack GEN II (Coyote Brown) Front zipper pocket with pull out lop panel for ID patch Interchangeable belt system See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 08:28 / Affiliate links / Images from "Amazon Product Advertising" API Best General EDC Bags There are times when I want to carry what I term and extended EDC loadout.  This usually involves more than just my usual pocket carry and a concealed handgun .  I may be on the road with the expectation that I may have to extend my time overnight.  There are times when I don’t worry about the look and style of the bag as much as I do the ability to carry what I feel is needed. 1. Condor Outdoor E & E Bag I don’t think you will find a better EDC bag than the E&E bag from Condor Outdoor.  E&E stands for Escape and Evasion.  While I don’t normally expect to have to perform and E&E operation during my regular daily routine, the concept of a bag designed to support such an E&E operation allows me to get everything I need into a utility every day carry bag. I carry a Condor E&E bag more than any other EDC bag in my collection.  It is my go-to piece of equipment when I think it is necessary to have more than my usual pocket carry loadout.  When you look at the features, you will understand why. 55 L volume 10.4 “ x 12” x 4.0 inches Available in OD and Black Includes a removable flap on one side that has a clear vinyl back.  This makes a great map case if you are so inclined but can also carry easy to access extra gear Double zipper main compartment with a removable divider Multiple elastic loops in the main compartment for organizing smaller items Internal radio pouch with hook and loops antenna opening Padded back pocket with hook and loop lining.  This is perfect for a holster to keep your concealed carry weapon at hand and protected. Webbing under the removable flap pouch allows mounting MOLLE style pouches and accessories Includes a removable waist belt that can turn the bag into a waist pack Shoulder strap with extra padding Condor E & E BAG, Black Removable flap with clear vinyl inner layer Double zipper main compartment with removable divider See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 08:39 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API 1. "Maxpedition Skylance Tech" Gear Bag Along the same size and lines as the Condor E&E bag is the Maxpedition Skylance Tech Gear Bag.  The Maxpedition Skylance is concealed carry ready and has that quality and durability of all Maxpedition bags.  This bag is large enough to accommodate a 15” laptop as well, making this bag suitable as an EDC business bag as well. The major downside to Maxpedition is the cost.   However, if you want a quality bag that will give you years of service, the price is well worth what you get.  My Maxpedition bags have given me years of service, and most show only minimal visible wear. YKK Zippers Dual fabric construction – 500D hex ripstop and 1000D Plain weave materials ATLAS ladder attachment system Bi-level high-grade air mesh backing Lightweight anit-break durflex buckles Fray-resistant Gossamer Mesh Grayscale high visibility interior Two front loop field for additional pouches Dedicated 15” laptop compartment Numerous internal pockets, sleeves, and elastic loops Rear CCW compartment Curves shoulder pad Volume – 28 L Maxpedition Skylance Tech Gear Bag, Size 28/Large, Black The overall size is 16.5"L x 9"W x 13.5"H. Shapeshift webbing handles have been added for a more... Pivoting shoulder strap connections come standard, along with a curved padded shoulder pad. There is... See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 08:39 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API Best Crossbody EDC Bags Crossbody carry is undeniably the most secure way to carry a shoulder bag.  It prevents a thief from easily snatching the bag on a hit and run style attack.  You can also carry crossbody comfortably, keeping your hands free while having everything in the bag convenient on either your strong hand stile, if you carry concealed in the bag or off-hand style if you prefer to conceal carry on your waist. 1. "Rothco Advanced Tactical" Bag Rothco has an extensive line of bags that are often overlooked.  Rothco is as well known a brand as some others, but their products are surprisingly versatile, durable, and affordable.  The Rothco Advanced Tactical Bag is concealed carry compatible.  Rothco hasn’t scrimped on the features either. Molle compatible attachment points Zippered side pouch, large drawstring side pouch, and hook and loop tie-downs on the exterior Front flap closure with quick release buckle Two exterior zippered pockets Exterior cell phone pouch 2” wide adjustable shoulder strap with quick-release buckle Two inside pockets in the main compartment Padding on the rear of the bag for comfort Exterior zipper pocket with inside and outside pouch Available in multiple color Rothco Advanced Tactical Bag, Black MOLLE Compatible Tactical Shoulder Bag Is Made Of Durable Denier Polyester Small Zippered Side Pouch And Large Side Pouch With Drawstring Closure And Hook & Loop Tie Down See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 03:08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API 2. 5.11 PUSH Pack 5L 5.11 has taken some innovative design concepts and produced some of the most interesting and versatile bags on the market.  The 5.11 PUSH pack is part of this new look at bags.  The PUSH pack is a cross body style bag that is designed from the inside out with EDC in mind.  From the layout of the external pockets to the internal components, this bag is meant for EDC. Six liters total capacity The main compartment is 8.75” x 7.75” x 4.” Expandable side pockets on each end measure 1.31” x 7.75” x 3.” A top pocket is perfect for ID, cell phones, or flight tickets and boarding passes Molle and Slickstick slots on the sides of the bag 1050D weather-resistant nylon construction Fully adjustable padded strap Rear concealed carry pocket Aero foam back padding for comfortable carry Best Briefcase EDC Bags When circumstances dictate, I need to carry a bag that can handle a larger laptop, several file folders, and perhaps even a book or two.  I cannot legitimately carry two bags around all day to accommodate my business needs and my insistence that I have an extended EDC bag as well.   This means combining the two functions and several manufacturers have met that need with their briefcase style bags. 1. Rothco MOLLE Laptop Briefcase There is nothing lowkey or gray man about the Rothco MOLLE Tactical Laptop Briefcase.  The design, look, and the concept is described perfectly by the word tactical.  Large external pocket with strap and buckle closures, lots of attachment points, and the availability to get this bag in almost any camo pattern you desire is a giveaway that this bag is meant to be used under extreme conditions. However, it is a functional and durable bag at a reasonable cost for an EDC briefcase.  You will certainly get some looks if you carry this into a serious business meeting, but that may be your intention. 600D polyester material with lining Includes a removable padded sleeve for a laptop Large main compartment with a flap style closer Molle compatible attachment points Zippered file and organizer compartment with ID holder Three external ouches on the side Carry handle and shoulder strap Rothco MOLLE "Tactical Laptop Briefcase" , Coyote Brown 600 Denier Polyester With Lining Removable Padded Sleeve For Laptop See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 03:08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API 2. "Condor Metropolis Briefcase" I carried one of these briefcases for years when I was operating my tactical store.  This bag served me in many ways.  It was a business bag, an overnight bag, and a courier bag at times.  With the addition of some external pouches, this bag doubled up as a short stay travel bag and an EDC bag.  I will also pass the carryon bag check at the airport. Mil-spec 600D Cordura fabric construction Rhino Skin synthetic material reinforcement in high abrasion zones YKK zippers D-rings mounted on the front and back for loose attachments Main compartment with two mesh pockets and a hook and loop panel Generous back compartment with padded fleece laptop compartment Two external pockets on the front Organizer pouch with ID panel One large storage pouch in the front Adjustable shoulder strap Luggage handle strap Document pouch Condor Elite Tactical Metropolis Briefcase 111072-002 Black Condor Elite Metropolis Briefcase Black See Price on Amazon Last update on 2020-08-14 at 08:39 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API What I look for in an EDC bag My criteria for an EDC bag can be broken down into several categories, each with its own requirements and needs.  The problem I have is that no one bag fits every situation I have for an EDC bag. My daily routine changes and the needs for an EDC bag change with them. There are times when I need small light and minimalistic.  At other times I need something that I can carry that leaves both hands free and doesn’t interfere with movement.  In addition to these, there are times I need to not just carry my extended EDC loadout but also a laptop, papers, and other business gear. Regardless of the style or type of bag I am carrying, you can be sure it has met several of my requirements for any bag I purchase and use. Functionality – The bag must be functional.  I should have large, sturdy zippers that open fully to make access to the interior of the bag easy.  Depending on the purpose for which I am choosing the bag, the handles or straps should be located for the most comfortable carry with padding in the appropriate places.  The interior of the bag should be arranged for the purpose I have in mind or have adjustable dividers to make this possible. Material – The material from which the bag is made should be durable and sturdy.  A bag that fails because a seam opens or a strap attachment pulls away is useless.  Some of my bags go to some extreme places and I want them to be up to the challenge. Size – Size is dependent on the use.  For a minimalist EDC bag, it maybe 1 to 5 liters.  For a day trip bag or other extended EDC loadout, the bag may get as big as 12 to 15 liters.  At times I carry a briefcase which doubles as an EDC bag and may go as large as 40 liters. Style – I subscribe to the gray man theory of everyday operations.  I prefer my bag style to be low key and unremarkable.  The last thing I want is to draw attention to myself.  Loud colors, camo patterns, or bags that scream “tactical” doesn’t fit into my philosophy. The EDC Bag Conundrum In my opinion, there is not one best EDC bag that will fit every situation and every need.  Conditions change as do circumstances, and you must be able to change with them.   At times, a minimalist approach is either the best solution or the one that is forced on you.  The routines of your daily life may impose the need for compromises or to adapt to the needs of your lifestyle or your job. I hope that the information that I have provided and my views on EDC bags help you make the choices of which bags best fit your situation.  If you have comments or experiences with EDC bags, please share them below.  Your ideas and experiences are important to help others make the best selections in an EDC bag.


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